How can I find my closest restaurant?

We have a page on our website that lists all of our locations across the state!

Can I get delivery service in my area?

Yes, we offer both pickup and delivery services at all locations within 7 mile radius

How much does delivery service cost?

Delivery service will vary depending on the rates of your location and the distance in miles from each store 

How do I get delivery service?

You can get delivery service by calling your specific location

When will my location have specials?

On each location, we have a “View Specials” button that will allow you to see the specials in your area. This usually includes our pizza of the month or a sunday night special

Are all the products on the website at my nearest store?

You can view our locations for information on specific stores, but we recommend calling your preferred store to confirm.

Can I make adjustments to menu items?

You can add or remove ingredients when you place your order over the phone or in person. *There may be additional costs associated with adding ingredients

What are my benefits for signing up?

You will receive additional coupons and promotions that are not featured on our website 

Why am I not receiving texts?

You may have signed up with the wrong phone number, maybe you m

Do you have regular Coupon Codes?

We have coupons here

How can I be sure if my VIP sign up went through?

We send a VIP confirmation text as soon as you send up

How can I find the login information for my account?

You don’t need a password or username for your VIP account because the texts are set up through your email and phone.

How is the VIP program different from your regular coupons?

The VIP program allows you to save more on your regular orders , with extra coupons that you cannot receive anywhere else 

Do I get credit for referring a friend or family member?

Yes, you will receive a $10 off your next order coupon when you get someone else to sign up for our program

Are there any costs for signing up with your VIP program?

Our VIP program is completely free to sign up! There may be costs associated with data usage depending on your cell phone plan