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Chanticlear Pizza Statement Regarding Contactless Delivery

During this time of heightened precaution around COVID-19, Chanticlear Pizza encourages contactless delivery and carryout services. Accommodations can be made to ensure delivery and carryout is a possibility for everyone.

It is our goal to keep our team members and customers as safe as possible by minimizing contact whenever and wherever we can. To do this, we are encouraging online ordering (where available) and online payments, or complete payment including gratuity over the phone.

For Delivery

1. Our drivers will ring your doorbell or knock on your door if no doorbell is available.

2. We will set your food order on your steps.

3. Step back 6-feet and wait for you to pick up your order from the step

For Carryout

1. We ask that you remain in your vehicle when coming to pick up your order.

2. A Chanticlear Pizza employee will get your name, bring your order out to your vehicle, and set your order on the hood of your vehicle or wherever instructed to leave the order.

These are Chanticlear Pizza’s preferred methods to avoid contact. Special accommodations can be made upon request for special circumstances.

We at Chanticlear Pizza are taking precautions in our stores to protect our customers and our team members.

Service standards may vary by location. All Chanticlear Pizza locations are independently owned and operated franchisees of Chanticlear Franchise System LLC.

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