Original Thin Crust

This is our original 1964 thin crust recipe that made us a Twin Cities favorite.

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Hand Tossed

Our medium crust has a thick, chewy edge that’s ideal for dipping in garlic butter. Available in 14-inch large size only because it’s an experience we know you’ll want to share.

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Traditional Pan Crust

A thicker crust baked in a deep pan. Available in 14-inch large size only.

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Gluten-Free Crust

Our gluten-free crust makes it possible for EVERYONE to enjoy our amazing pizza and crust. Try one today.

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Build your own pizza without the crust, or select one of our specialty or combo pizzas. The price is the same as the ten-inch MY PIZZA, just no crust! It includes sauce, mozzarella cheese, and the toppings you want.
Your crust-less pizza is KETO friendly and prepared and packaged in a convenient deliverable container.

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